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Dear friends,
We are pleased to inform you that we are currently working for the coming re-opening of the centre. Soon we will announce the beginning of the activities in Jik˘ An.
As you may already know, M¬ Angeles Tenshi left her body on feb. 17, 2018.
What follows is a writing published after her passing away :
When you face a misfortune, it's good to confront her.
When you're sick, it's good to get sick.
When you die, it's totally appropriate to die.

With no-mind the flowers invite the butterfly;
With no-mind the butterfly visits the flowers;
When the flower opens, the butterfly comes;
When the butterfly comes, the flower opens.
They don't know each other,
However, both naturally follow the path. Ry˘kan

Dear friend,
It's been 4 weeks since the departure of the body of M ¬ Angeles and I would like to give you some news...

First, M ¬ Angeles has left the physical plane leaving a wave of peace and joy that many of you have been able to feel, as you have told me.... Since her departure, I have felt embraced, welcomed and comforted by this peace that I feel pervades everything here in Jik˘ an.... a true Blessing!.... So the supposed emptiness she left is shining much love and light....
I'm recovering, eating, purring and sleeping..... I feel good but I notice that my body asks me to go lento, little by little..... I retake contact with the friends who supported us in this long process, also little by little.....
On a material level, many offered to give a hand (or two) to make a big ' zafarancho ' (general cleaning), much needed after two years without activities and with the arrival of the cat colony. I thank you for the offers and little by little I will contact with one or the other so that the center is able to start with the retreats within a few months but I find it impossible now to think of dates.... Let's go step by step....
The truth is that despite the need to rest and take care of me a lot, I feel a whole new energy vibrating in the Hara and I have great enthusiasm with the new phase of Jik˘ that is starting.... I am in consultations with H˘gensan and I hope that soon we can say more....
Dear, I ask you once again a little patience and I am sure that we meet again prontito to share inspir and Espir, and the silence of these mountains with the smile of M ¬ Angeles....
Thank you for your support emails, which I can not answer individually for your great number, for your prayers and your presence....
Oh, and the best news is that the drought ended here and it's raining abundantly. Aleluyah!
Luminous hugs from the Alpujarra. Deep Gassh˘. Francis

Next, in a letter written to H˘gen on the Spring Equinox day, march 20th, was presented the vision of the Jik˘ An┤s new project, which has been approved in the General Assembly of the Open Way Zen Buddhist Community in june. (Extract of a letter to H˘gen)
Jik˘ An, 20/3/2018
As you have read in the emails i sent to our friends, although my body still functions on a slow mode at the moment, there is a completely new sprouting energy that is being activated in this body and with it, a vision of the Jik˘ An to come is being bornů.. I have no doubt whatsoever that M¬ Angeles Tenshi's inspiration is guiding the steps i (we) takeů..

Let me try to express the main points of how i envision a possible continuity of Jik˘ Anů.
As i told you already in a brief way, and it is even more valid than before after the departing of Tenshi, the ''third phase'' of Jik˘ An could contain these essential points :
1. The center would be dedicated to sesshin, samu retreats and introduction courses, with a particular stress on Noble Silence, abandoning the organization of miscellaneous activities and workshops as it has done in the past.
2. It could offer the possibilities for solitary retreats.
3. Now after the long process we have lived in the past years, it seems to be the time for a residing community to settle in.
4. The environmental project of Regenerative Agriculture using the EM (Microorganisms) to reactivate the bacteriological life of the soil and, together with the help of the association ''The Conscious Seed'' from Yegen, the project of reforestation of the areaů
5. The protection against land speculation and the dangers of industrial agriculture, that invades more and more the area and devastate the land and contaminate the waters.
6. Integration of the stabilized cat community on the grounds of the center. All around the world, cats have been used as temple guardiansů. And they have been the most exquisite and dedicated companions in the long process we just lived, sharing all their love unconditionnallyů.

My feelings are that now our ''floating Sangha'' can manage, still basing itself on the essential pilar of Dana, to maintain itself economically and that Jik˘ An can be a completely sustainable retreat center, in the terms that you expressed many years ago like in your writing from Malpas in 1988ů
And i have no doubt that when intentions are noble, Life conspires to help the process.
This is the vision that Tenshi and i have and what i wanted to share with youů May it be soů.
Truth will prevail, Truth makes us freeů..
Deepest Gassh˘ from the Abyss of One-Heart.

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