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About Jikô An’s Spring Program....

It seems that in 2016 spring, we will have no program of activities in order to be able to continue with our recovery process and we will keep closed till time comes to reopen the center...... We ask all our friends to be a bit patient with us and respect the healing process we are involved in.

This stage of health cleansing brings us personally and for Jikô An, to a deep transformation of unknown reach and to reconsider the last
21 years we have been offering retreats and workshops....

Everything changes, all is completely new moment to moment and no one can foresee what will be this 2016 year.... The only clear point is that it is full of promises and surprises......


Hope to see you soon and renewed!

Francis and Mª Angeles


All the courses will begin in the evening of the first day mentioned (dinner at 9.30 pm) and end after lunch on the last day.


Jikô An is a non-profit making centre. It means that the prices we suggest only cover food and lodging, maintenance, organisation and the teachers’ travel expenses (according to each one’s economical situation):
28 Euros /day, student or unemployed
31 Euros /day, low income
34 Euros /day, high income

Free donation for the activities. We have a donation box at your disposition to help the teachers to keep sharing their practices.

We offer you simple accomodation and vegetarian food.

Please bring your sleeping bag, a flashlight and comfortable clothing for the practice.

To book:
1) Pre-reservation by phone or email.
2) Booking will be effective after sending a bank transfer of 20€ for a weekend course (or 40€ for a 4 day workshop, or 60€ for a 6 day course.....) to the bank account of Caja Granada IBAN ES74 0487 3354 2620 0000 9070/ GBMNESMMXXX, indicating your name and course code number.
3) Confirmation by phone at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. If not, automatic cancellation and no refund.

Jiko An Comunidad Religiosa Zen Camino Abierto
Jikô An - Yegen, Granada 18460 - Telf: 958 34 31 85 // 958 85 13 44 - info@jikoan.com
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